I don’t know why I decided it would be a good idea to drink beer AND scotch on a random Tuesday night, but I did, and it turns out I’m getting old because HOLY GOD when I woke up this morning I thought I might actually die.


Source    Kids are dumb.

In my defense, we had a friend over for dinner, and I didn’t want to be rude and, like, not drink all of the beer that she brought. Also working against me is the fact that we stayed up until midnight last night. Actually, everyone else stayed up until midnight while I slept on the couch like a slug, probably with my gullet wide open from the way my mouth felt when I jolted awake. Much sophistication. Such class.

The good news is that I rallied pretty quick after drinking some seriously strong coffee. Now I just have to drink a million glasses of water throughout the day so that I won’t die on my run tonight. Who has two thumbs and is totally regretting signing up for a damn 10-miler next week? THIS GIRL. Also, probably a lot of other people because that shit is hard.

Two days until Friday! Woo!

2 thoughts on “Uggggh

  1. Pamela Bannon

    I feel your pain! I have almost stopped drinking entirely because my hangovers are so terrible. One thing that I have found that really helps is Exedrin. I think because of the caffeine. Feel better!


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