High Five for Friday

I logged in last night to write this post and was shocked when I saw that my last update was on Monday. I totally thought I had blogged more than that this week. Turns out, I suck. Also, that should give you some idea of what it feels like inside my brain right now. I’m just hoping today goes by quickly and that I don’t have to interact with anyone in any way. So … basically like every other day of my life.

Lucille gif

Me, whenever my phone rings.

And now for my Friday High Five:

1. It finally warmed up this week, and one night I decided to catch up on some freelance work outside on the deck while Dave smoked cigars. It was super peaceful until our neighbor came outside with her kid and proceeded to scream profanities at it for the duration of the evening. In her defense, maybe her kid is actually named “little shit.” I don’t know her life.


2. My sister was visiting my parents this week, so I took Wednesday off work and drove down to meet my newest nephew, Theodore:

TheoOn all accounts he is very calm and hardly ever fusses, so it’s no surprise that he started crying shortly after I picked him up and continued on and off for the rest of the day. I also enjoyed spending some time with his big brother Josh, who is pictured below housing some delicious Target popcorn while waiting for his chocolate milk at Starbucks. He clearly takes after Aunt Heather:


3. In addition to shoveling popcorn down my gullet at Target, I also bought a table runner:

RunnerI’m weirdly excited about it, considering it’s … a piece of cloth draped across a table.

4. I also bought this skirt at Target. It’s a super soft material, which means that I’ve basically discovered a socially acceptable way of wearing sweats to work. It’s probably only a matter of time until I bring home a pair of Pajama Jeans.


5. I’m running the 10-miler at Medford’s annual Pear Blossom event tomorrow, and I’m simultaneously excited and nervous. I’m nercited. My last three runs have been horrible, probably because everything is blossoming and I can’t breathe, so it stands to reason that running 10 miles through blooming pear orchards might actually make my lungs explode. I’ve even had a couple nightmares about it, and when I texted my friend Sarah about them yesterday she was super encouraging.


If I don’t post at all next week, it’s probably because I’m lying helpless in a ditch somewhere along the course. And on that upbeat note, happy Friday!

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