I just saved over $200!

I’m about to devote an entire post to nude wedges. If you don’t like shoes, you may want to stop here and use the five minutes you were going to spend reading my blog to examine your life choices because shoes are awesome and you should be excited about them.

(To be fair I should probably examine my life choices as well, on account of I don’t contribute to any sort of retirement fund but I don’t think twice about dropping a huge chunk of discretionary income on shoes every month.)


Source    Somewhere, Dave Ramsey’s head is exploding.

Out of all my shoes, the ones I reach for the most are basic, nude wedges. They go with everything, they make my legs look longer, and wedges are so comfortable and easy to walk in. I wear them so often that I typically go through like a pair a year, so I recently decided to purchase some “investment wedges” to last me a little longer. That’s when I found these:

I love them. Only at $295, they were a tiny bit more of an investment than I was planning to make. After some waffling, I decided to search around for a more affordable option, which is when I found these:

I don’t love them as much as the DVFs, but I do really like these. Plus, I saved myself like $200. Suck on that, Dave Ramsey!


Source   Dave will not.

10 thoughts on “I just saved over $200!

  1. Sandra Lynch

    I might say that I would not be caught dead in those shoes, but the truth of the matter is that if caught in those shoes, I would probably be dead. They are cute though way too high for me.

    1. heatherhomefaker Post author

      I like the color of the other ones better, but it’s really hard to get a good read on color through computer screens, so who even knows what color they will turn out to be when they get here 🙂

  2. Shauna

    I LOVE my nude wedges. But I always feel like a whore wearing them. I think it’s because I bought them for Vegas last year. Anything I buy for Vegas and try to re-wear in my flip flop town is always too much. But you’ve inspired me. I will wear them with EVERYTHING this year.


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