Don’t Be So Dramatic

I had a busier-than-normal weekend (due in part to baking the world’s most labor intensive carrot cake and spending Easter down at my parents’ house) and wound up not having time to do my usual weekend cleaning, grocery shopping, prepping-for-the-week-ahead stuff. I hate starting a week already feeling behind. Every menial task becomes an insurmountable obstacle because not only do I have to attend to that specific thing, I have to do it while knowing that my floors are covered in cat hair and we have no groceries and all my sports bras are dirty because I DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO DO LAUNDRY. WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE.

It’s not helping that I’ve felt like I’ve been coming down with something for the last week or so. I have zero energy, my glands are swollen, and I have a sore throat that comes and goes, but I never actually get sick. Which, to me, is almost worse than actually being sick, because at least then you can call off work and spend the day Netflixing serial killer documentaries in your pajamas. (Just me? Cool.) Dave said he’s been feeling the same way, so I figure it’s probably a weird bug that’s going around. I also figure that I can probably cure it by drinking rum, because alcohol is a disinfectant.

The good news is that today I actually have a tiny bit more energy (and a clean sports bra), which means that I may actually make it to the gym. I really need this to happen, as there is currently a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs burning a hole in my desk drawer, and like two pounds of See’s waiting for me at home. Not to mention the leftover softball-sized hot cross buns I’ve been eating for breakfast.


And so have my LDLs. Thanks, Easter.

(Editor’s Note: I wrote this post on my lunch break yesterday. I had every intention of going to the gym, until a friend stopped by my office late that afternoon and convinced me to go out for a Jack and Coke instead. And then I stopped into Rite Aid on my way home to buy stuff for rum and coke, and ran into Dave, who was buying stuff for rum and coke. We are the worst.)

I’ll wrap this up with some home improvement news: This weekend, we’re planning to do a bit of landscaping to try and change the fact that our front lawn is the ugliest on the block. I also just called Lowe’s to get a quote on backsplash installation for our kitchen, since we are still rocking exposed drywall where we had to rip the previous single-row tile backsplash out. (If you’re new, you can read that fun story here.)

I keep going back and forth on whether the backsplash is something we can DIY. Neither of us have ever laid tile, so right now we’re leaning toward just throwing money at somebody to make sure it’s done right, but that may change once they tell me how much it will cost. Also, I need to stop looking at tile options; I keep adding more and more to the list of potentials. So far, here are my top three picks:


As a refresher, here is what our kitchen currently looks like (I would also like to paint the cabinets either white or super dark, depending on which backsplash we choose):

Kitchen 1

Confession: Knowing I would be taking this picture in the morning is the only reason I did the dishes last night.

Kitchen 2

A good blogger would have removed the Round Table coupons from the side of the refrigerator before taking a picture.

Right now I’m leaning toward tile option 2 with white cabinets, kind of like this:

White and gray kitchen

Source   Except, you know, minus the chandelier and countertops that probably cost more than our home.



9 thoughts on “Don’t Be So Dramatic

  1. Shauna

    I think we have the same kitchen style taste because I love all those black splashes and would totally go for a white or dark cabinet match. I love white kitchen cabinets. Like, LOVE them. But we’ve had them before so when we redo our kitchen (probably next year) we’re just painting the current cabinets a dark charcoal because I’m obsessed with all things charcoal. Out of the two backsplash options I’d go with the first. I like the pieces of dark…CHARCOAL!

    And you could totally do that job yourself. It’s peel and stick and then grout. Super easy.

    1. heatherhomefaker Post author

      I love white cabinets so much, but I do feel like a darker color (perhaps CHARCOAL!) would hide dirt/smudges a lot better. Only I’m kind of afraid if we go that route, our kitchen will look like a little cave because of the dark floors. SO MANY CHOICES!

  2. Abigail

    I vote #2 as well (with white cabinets and then pops of color in dishes, etc.). I think you’d need lots more WIDE OPEN SPACES to do one of the busier tiles.

    Also, I haven’t tiled myself but in blogs it always seems like one of things that’s actually super doable for anyone (almost as doable as painting).

  3. heatherhomefaker Post author

    I always think that too when I see a tutorial, but then I get scared that I’ll measure wrong and my kitchen will wind up on one of those Nailed It! Tumblrs. (Also, I really like the white upper/gray lower cabinet idea. Be my project manager?)

  4. Lori

    I love the first one, with white cabinets. Yes, they do need more cleaning, but your kitchen will be so much brighter and contrasty! And yes, I know that contrasty is not a real word, but you get my drift. And, by all means, get a chandelier!

  5. 8littlepaws

    I preferred #2 myself even before I read you do too.

    The story with DIY tile. Yes you can do it yourself pretty easily. But I’m guessing you want to use a wet saw to cut those tiles and not a nipper, do you or Dave or a family member know how to do that? I don’t but my boyfriend does it for me whenever we do tile work. Everything else is easy enough to do it on your own though.

  6. 8littlepaws

    Adding that when you use a tile saw on tile that’s on a mesh backing (which I am guessing what you picked out is just based on the picture? Maybe I’m wrong) you have to remove the tiles from the mesh and cut them one at a time, so be prepared to be patient!

    I am actually doing my backsplash too in my kitchen, but I decided to go with herringboned subway tiles cause it’s cheap and it’s also easy to cut/install.


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