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What I’m Eating

I’m doing something a little bit different today, and sharing a day of eating with you guys. I have this weird obsession with food blogs where people just document what they eat every day. And if you’re thinking that that sounds boring as shit, you’re right, but it does help me come up with new meal ideas. Also, I’m just kind of a creeper in general and like to see the inner workings of people’s lives. For example, I like to go for walks when it’s starting to get dark so I can look inside people’s windows and see how they’ve decorated. It’s pretty fun, except for when they happen to walk past the window and see me standing there all:


Anyway, I recently noticed that my pants are fitting just a liiittle bit tighter, probably because of my birthday earlier this month and going on vacation the week after that, and generally just existing off of cake, home brewed beer, and the occasional salad. When that happens I try not to freak out, and just be a little better about counting calories (I use MyFitnessPal) for a few weeks until taking my skinny jeans off doesn’t look like this:


I haven’t been running much lately, so I’ve been trying to keep my carbs at around 30% of my daily total calories. Not because I think carbs are bad, but because I don’t need as many when I’m not running long distances four days a week.

So here’s what yesterday looked like for me. I generally net around 1,400 calories per day (I eat back any calories from exercise, meaning that most days I’m actually eating 1,500-1,800 depending on what I do at the gym):



Right now, my favorite breakfast is two fried eggs. It’s fast, easy, and unlike cereal/oatmeal, it keeps me full until lunch. I also can’t function without my morning cup of coffee, into which I measure a tablespoon of Hazelnut creamer because there are some things I will never ever give up even though they’re full of hydrogenated oil and chemicals that will probably give me cancer.


Chickpea burger wrap

For lunch I had a Morningstar Mediterranean Chickpea Burger lettuce wrap with 1/2 an avocado and a little bit of salsa, plus cottage cheese + tomatoes on the side. I eat a chickpea or black bean burger pretty much every day for lunch, either in a wrap, on a bed of greens, or inside a sandwich thin. Except on Wednesdays, when Dave and I walk to the deli up the street and I eat a turkey sandwich on a French roll as big as my head.


Yesterday it was a bunch of smoked almonds, which I did not photograph because I would have had to momentarily stop shoveling them into my mouth. Peach season is in full swing, so I’ve been getting them from the farmers’ market and having those for snacks as well. I also eat light Babybels like my life depends on it.



This is one of my favorite dinners ever – Barbecue Chicken Quinoa Bowls. Just cook up a batch of quinoa and top with grilled chicken, avocado, cilantro, black beans, veggies (last night I used onion, orange bell pepper, and halved grape tomatoes), and a little bit of barbecue sauce. Crushed tortillas/cheese are also awesome on top. I like to season my quinoa with cumin and a little bit of garlic salt before throwing on the toppings.



Skinny Cow Chocolate Mousse Ganache Cones are my everything, and I’ve started eating one pretty much any night when I have enough calories left over after dinner. Are they healthy? Uh, no. But they do contain about half the calories of a Nestle Drumstick and taste every bit as delicious, so there’s that. I’ve tried really hard to cut artificial sweeteners from my diet, but these cones and my morning creamer are probably going to stick around. Moderation, right?

What I’m working on:

– Limiting drinking to two nights per week. It’s just so hard when I know there’s delicious home brew in the fridge. Also, I’m super introverted/have serious social anxiety, so whenever I’m at an event and there’s booze it’s hard to say no to at least one drink to calm my paralyzing fear of awkward small talk.


So that’s it … do you ever read “what-I-ate” style blogs? Please tell me I’m not the only one who likes to read this shit occasionally.


Back From The Beach


After doing pretty much nothing but this for three days straight, it kind of sucks to come home to temperatures over 100 degrees and the realization that I gave up any hope of being rich enough to own beachfront property back when I decided to major in journalism. Note to any journalism/English/communications students who may be reading this: RUN, DON’T WALK TO THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND CHANGE MAJORS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

Anyway, here are a few more pics from the beach:

07.15.14 Rocks

Whale watching. Everybody saw them but us. Standard.

Me and Dave

After he shaved 10 years off my life by showing me his “American Ninja Warrior” skills, AKA leaping from rock to rock right next to the edge of the roaring ocean.


I love fog. Why do I not live here.

I’m off work until Thursday, so the last few days have consisted of Netflix, pajamas, and processed foods. I did manage to get to the gym yesterday, but I forgot that hot weather aggravates my heart condition, and after about 30 minutes into this elliptical workout I felt like I was going to die. I think until the weather cools off I’m going to keep my cardio a bit lighter.

Homer treadmill

Source   This looks about right.

And since I’m almost Netflixed out and boycotting the gym, I’m thisclose to buying a plastic kiddie pool and spending the rest of my vacation sitting in a foot of water in the back yard. If you know me in real life, feel free to come over and join me. Bring RazberRitas.

Hello From The Other Side

After that last totally depressing post, I figured I should probably check in and let you know that I survived turning 30. And it actually didn’t suck.

Probably because I did a lot of this.

Perhaps because I did a lot of this.

On the morning of my birthday Dave made me breakfast in bed, which I ate while watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. If that doesn’t say, “I’m ready to be a responsible adult,” then WHAT DOES?


That’s a maple sausage/egg/cheese/potato breakfast burrito. Wrapped in an Ancient Grains tortilla because HEALTH.

He also surprised me with the best gift ever – he blew up two photos he took of a butterfly on a flower on our front lawn and had them printed on canvas:


They’re still sitting on these bookcases, almost a week later. I was going to hang them in the hallway, but I accidentally watched three seasons of “Disappeared” on Netflix instead.

I got a lot of other neat stuff, too. My parents bought me this watch, which I love so much that I’m posting a picture of my veiny hand to show it to you:


How do fashion bloggers take close-ups of their hands without them looking like alien claws? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS.

Dave’s cousin got me adult onset diabetes 30 Milky Way Midnights, which was hilarious and also the reason that you will find a surprise candy bar in your purse when you get home if you visit my house in the next year.

All that to say: My birthday was super fun, and I’m done freaking out about my 30s. For now.

We leave for a trip to the Southern Oregon coast tomorrow morning, which I’m really excited about because it’s been over 100 degrees every day for the past week here. I plan to do nothing but eat, drink, and marvel at the fact I don’t have sweat dripping down my back and into my underwear. It’s going to be great.