NaBloPoMo Day 3: The Best Grilled Cheese Ever

Dave and I invited some new friends over to our house a few weeks ago for drinks and scary movies, and I got kind of nervous before everyone came over. What if they didn’t like us? What if we ran out of stuff to talk about? What if they noticed that one of the air vents in our living room ceiling is being held on by duct tape because it broke OVER A YEAR AGO and we’ve been too lazy to go find the actual part to fix it?

Like usual, my anxiety was pointless because they are awesome, a fact that I had already suspected but was solidified when they told us that the next weekend they were all having a bonfire/grilled cheese night and that we should come. If you’ve so much as glanced at my blog before, then you know I like cheese more than I like most people, so of course we were like VERY YES.

Cheese gif

How I wrap up every restaurant order. Even dessert.

You guys, what happened at that bonfire was magical. I’ve made tons of grilled cheeses in my life, and while the fillings inside may change, the standard procedure remains pretty constant: butter two pieces of bread, fill with cheese, grill, flip, grill, inhale, the end. But it turns out, there’s a much better way to do it. And it looks like this:

Grilled Cheese

Actually, it only looks like this if you’ve had two coconut rum and Cokes. Otherwise, it’s much less blurry.

Do you see what is happening up there? He melted the cheeses separately in order to achieve the perfect warm and gooey consistency, and then spread it onto buttered and grilled French bread. MIND BLOWN. And then there were the toppings: avocado, tomato, bacon, jalapenos. I can’t even describe my feelings about these sandwiches. I’m glad it was dark out so nobody could see me doing this the whole time I was eating:

Marshal food gif

 Seriously though, if you haven’t made a grilled cheese this way then you need to. And then invite me over and give me some.


NaBloPoMo November 2014

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