My department at work put on a three-day kids’ event last week, and between the prep leading up to it and actually working the event, my diet and exercise routine kind of fell off the rails. I tend to not eat when I’m busy/stressed, so I’d go all day without eating a proper meal, then come home and The Hunger would kick in. And The Hunger? It is not satisfied by healthy food. It wants carbs covered in heavily processed meats and melted cheese. tumblr_ln8ddo7XVZ1qawe6co1_500Also, Cadbury Creme Eggs.

So between that and my lack of exercise (I think I ran once last week?), I woke up feeling pretty awful this morning. I did a 25-minute cardio interval workout at home before work, and I’m so glad that nobody was watching but the cat, and I think even he was judging me a little bit. I decided that to help keep myself on track, I’m going to do a food journal week on the blog. If this kind of thing makes you stabby, you may want to skip out and check back in next week. And if you’re a voyeur like me, here’s what I ate yesterday: IMG_4763.JPGBreakfast: Oatmeal with stevia, cinnamon, and raspberries. I only eat old fashioned oats, because the quick-cook kind are mushy and tasteless and essentially evil in food form. Also, aren’t our new Target dishes pretty?IMG_4765.JPGLunch: Avocado egg salad on an English muffin. Between my pastel blue egg salad (thanks, Easter!) and those carrots that look like they have leprosy this was kind of an awful-looking lunch, but it tasted awesome.

Dinner: Cauliflower crust pizza, topped with chicken, a little barbecue sauce, onions, and mushrooms. And a couple slices of crispy bacon because Dave demanded it. I did not take a picture, because it would have required pausing between taking it out of the oven and shoveling it into my mouth, Buzz McCallister-style.


Beat that, ya little trout sniffer.

All in all, it was a delicious day of eating, and I feel so much better when I eat good food instead of crap. Shocking, I know.


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