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What’s up! This is just a quick note to let you know that I recently started designing tanks and tees that can be purchased online here.

Some of my faves include:

Pet cats


can't touch this

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Pet Cats | Wine | Can’t Touch This | Bend & Snap

I plan to add more designs in the next few weeks, so if you’re interested, be sure to follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook to see them as they’re uploaded!

My first low carb day, aka I would commit murder for a bite of French bread

I mentioned in my last post that I’d be eating low-carb on my rest days during my cut, and Friday was my first low carb day of the week. Here’s how it went:

8 a.m.
Bacon, eggs, avocado, veggies. Yay bacon!

10 a.m.
I ate so much fat for breakfast I’m not even hungry for my snack!

I’m STILL not hungry, but I guess I’ll try and force my delicious salad down!

2 p.m.
I feel great! Why do people even complain about eating low carb?

4 p.m.:


My coach, who recently did a pretty intense cut, warned me to save my carbs for the end of the day and I’m SO GLAD SHE DID. My end-of-the-day carb treat was one of the delicious peaches I brought home from the farmer’s market this week. I ate it while watching an outdoor concert, and the sounds I made while eating it made the people around me really uncomfortable.



Actual footage of me in my post-peach afterglow

My coach also warned me that I’d be super hungry the next day, which turned out to be absolutely true. It probably didn’t help that I did two workouts on Saturday,then went to a local coffee shop where they kept talking about all the delicious baked goods they’re going to be offering next week. I was like SOUNDS GOOD GUYS, LET ME KNOW HOW THEY TASTE, and cried into my cold brew.

Anyway, at the end of week one I’m only down 1.5 lbs, but more importantly I’m feeling awesome during my workouts and PRd both my back squat and split jerk last week, at 200 lbs and 145 lbs, respectively. I took some before photos on Sunday, which was a REAL TREAT. You know the Friends episode where Monica and Chandler are trying to take engagement photos and Chandler has the worst photo smile in the world?


It’s a lot like that, but instead of an awful smile I look I like someone just punched me in the stomach and then told me Forensic Files was removed from Netflix FOREVER. #restingbitchfacealways

For this week’s meal prep, I baked a big pan of chicken, bell peppers and onions (I used this recipe).


I also threw  pork loin in the crock pot with 1/4 cup of water and let it cook for about 6 hours. YOU GUYS. I could have eaten the entire pile in one sitting:

Pork.jpgI can’t reiterate enough how stupid easy this week’s prep was. Between cutting the veggies and then putting it all into containers once it had cooled, it was about 15 minutes of actual work. And with that 15 minutes of prep work I’ll be able to build healthy meals all week: chicken tacos, chicken salads, pork with rice and veggies, pork tacos, pork salads, pork/egg/veggie scrambles I’M PRETTY SURE YOU GET THE IDEA.

Do you meal prep? If you do, tell me what you made this week …

Operation: Get Lean

I posted on Instagram earlier this week about how I’m doing a three-week cut to try and lean out a little and my friend Sarah peer pressured me into blogging about it. So if this post sucks, you can blame her.

First off, a little background: my friends Abigail and Carolyn (hi, guys!) came to visit me at the end of June, and we had a great time. I dragged them around to my favorite local restaurants, and we ate lots of food and drank lots of cocktails. And then the Fourth of July rolled around, and I ate lots of food and drank lots of cocktails. And then my birthday happened, and I ate lots of food and drank lots of cocktails.


Not surprisingly, my monthlong trip to Sangria Town, Population: Me did a bit of damage scale-wise – I usually weigh around 132, and I weighed 137 Monday morning. I’ve been wanting to get leaner for a few months now, so I figured this was the perfect time to adjust my macros and see where I wind up! I don’t really have a specific end weight in mind: I’m going to weigh myself regularly because I like data, but mostly I’m going to go with how I feel during my workouts.  (And yes, I will take before/after photos and post them here at the end.)

My “normal” macro breakdown is:
Carbs: 180g
Protein: 130g
Fat: 60g
1800-1900 cals/day

The breakdown I’m using for my cut is:
Carbs: 150g
Protein: 140g
Fat: 50g
1550 cals/day

On rest days, my fat goes up to 70g and my carbs go down to 35g. You read that right. Thirty-five. THREE-FIVE. I apologize in advance for the things that will come out of my mouth on my rest days.


It’s alarming that all the relevant gifs I’m finding to depict my life are from Toddlers & Tiaras.

And speaking about inappropriate things coming out of my mouth, we’re about to take a sharp turn into Rants-ville, but I feel like it needs to be said: You wouldn’t believe how many people feel inclined to tell me their opinions about how female bodies should look the second I tell them I coach CrossFit.  So it came as no surprise that many of the people I’ve told about my little cut experiment have felt the need to weigh in with their two cents on my body composition goals. I get a lot of, “But you don’t NEED to lose weight!” and “Be careful, or you’ll start looking like a man!” (If you say that to me, you risk getting punched in the throat which will hurt extra bad on account of my ULTRA MASCULINE ARM MUSCLES.) One person was like, “If you think YOU’RE fat, you must think I’m huge!”

So, here’s the thing: I DON’T THINK I’M FAT. Saying I want to get leaner does not mean I dislike my body. Or that I dislike YOUR body if you’re built differently than I am. My primary goal is getting better at my sport, which involves lots of pull ups and muscle ups and handstands and push ups, which are easier to do if your body has enough fat to support performance but not weigh you down excessively. I do OK at these movements with my “normal” bodyweight, and I’d like to see if I’m better at them if I’m a little leaner. Saying I want to get leaner is not a commentary on how I feel anybody else’s body should look. It’s me wanting to feel less shitty after doing ring dips. END OF STORY.

(This post went downhill fast. #blamesarah)

Anyway, I’m going to be primarily posting about this over on Instagram, but I’ll try and check in here along the way as well.

2016 Goals

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is my least favorite week of the year. The holiday festivities start winding down and everybody starts pondering how much they suck at life and tries to convince themselves that they’re going to suck less in the coming year. I read somewhere that like 80% of new year’s resolutions have to do with fitness, and apparently I’m no different. For instance: it would be awesome if I didn’t have to lay down and say a prayer to the patron saint of diabeetus prevention to get my skinny jeans to zip.


Thankfully I haven’t had to resort to lotion to get my pants on. Yet.

I’m pretty confident that I’ll shed my holiday poundage pretty quickly now that I’m back to my usual eating routine that doesn’t include cookies, fudge, and hot chocolate every day, so here are a few more long-term goals I’ve made for the coming year:

Master kipping pull-ups

I can currently do 3-4 strict pull-ups (depending on how sore my arms are), which I am actually pretty proud of considering that I had literally never done a single pull-up in my entire life when I started CrossFit last summer. While I will continue to work on my strict pull-ups, I also need to learn to kip so that I can start RXing those workouts with a million pull-ups (I’m looking at you, Fran). I’m just going to keep chipping away at it during my warm-ups and hope that someday soon I’ll stop looking like I’m having a grand mal seizure on the bar and look more like this:


Master double unders

I got a  Rogue RX custom jump rope a few months ago, which has made double unders a little easier for me. (For non CrossFit folks: a double under is when the rope makes two passes per jump instead of just one.) On a good day, I can string together 5 or 6. Most days I just wind up whipping my legs repeatedly with my rope and screaming obscenities.


Back squat 225#

My most recent back squat max was 150#, but that was back in October so I’m hoping the next time I go for a max I’ll be closer to 175#. I honestly have no idea if 225# is possible for me to hit next year, but I’m going to try!

Deadlift 300#

Again, no idea if this will be possible, but I’ve added 50# to my deadlift since September so I figure I may as well aim high! (My current max is 205#)

Continue to focus on diet

My diet is SO much better than it was a few years ago. I used to eat a ton of frozen meals and “diet” foods, which were low calorie but filled with all kinds of artificial crap. For the last five months or so I’ve been really making an effort to cut back on highly processed, pre-packaged foods. I’ve noticed my body starting to change, particularly in the stomach area:

Before and After

Note the sweet shoulder bruise in the photo on the right. Maybe “fix my slow elbows” should be on this list.

The photo on the left was the week after I started CrossFit (August), and the one on the right was three months later (November). It’s not an Earth-shattering transformation or anything, but I definitely think I look less puffy and a little more toned in the one on the right. I haven’t ever taken progress photos before, but I’m finding it’s great motivation to actually be able to see the difference you’re making because it can be hard to see change on a day-to-day basis.

That’s it for me …  I’d love to hear your goals for 2016, if you have some!

Thoughts On My First Month of CrossFit

I just realized I haven’t posted since I wrote about my first CrossFit experience, so I figured I’d check in and let everyone know that no, I didn’t get trapped under a barbell and die. Although I’ve wished that would happen lots of times over the last month, particularly the day I learned how to do man makers.

Me, after every class.

Me, after every class.

I have lots of feels about my experience so far, so I’ve decided to arrange them in a neat little list. If you’re on the fence about trying CrossFit, maybe this post will help you decide to go for it! Or if you’re a normal person who enjoys being able to sit on the toilet without crying after a workout, it might make you run away screaming. Anyway, here are my thoughts after completing my first month:

  1. It Doesn’t Get Easier. My coach likes to say, “It doesn’t get easier: You get better.” At first I didn’t believe her, but I think she might be right. I can now do five tricep pushups instead of zero, so I guess I’m getting better, but I still feel like I’m going to lose control of my bowels and crap out all of my internal organs at any minute, so it’s definitely not getting easier.giphy3
  2. I want to talk about CrossFit all the time. I didn’t think I would become the person who talks about CrossFit constantly, but lo, HERE WE ARE. I don’t really feel bad about it though: If I have to sit through stories about your kids, you can damn well settle in and listen to me weave a yarn about back squats. I’m sure it annoys some people, but whatever. I’ve got my PRs to keep me warm.giphy
  3. I’m getting better about comparing myself to other people. Most CrossFitters lift like three times what I do, and it’s easy to be like, “Uggghh why am I so terrible?” I’m getting better at reminding myself that a) they have worked really hard for a long time to get where they are, and b) their asses are getting kicked just as much as mine is (see number 1). EXCEPTION: It’s OK to get annoyed when children under 12 show up to class and still lift more than you. RESPECT THE EGOS OF YOUR ELDERS, KIDS. YnHKYzh
  4. I have better body image. I’ve always been really self-conscious of my body. I still remember the first time somebody called me chubby, and I think I was in junior high when I went on my first “diet.” When I lost 30-ish pounds several years ago, I got lots of comments about how much better I looked. But instead of making me feel good, those comments made me afraid of gaining it back and becoming “unattractive” again. Not surprisingly, my pre-CrossFit fitness goals revolved around looks: smaller thighs. A firm butt. Arms that appear to be chiseled by the Goddess Jillian Michaels herself. SPOILER ALERT: Those things did not happen. I did, however, succeed at making myself feel like a total failure. Since I started CrossFitting, my former goals have been replaced with: lift heavier. Run faster. Do a damn pull up OH MY GOD WHY ARE PULL UPS SO HARD. I’m not sure when or why that priority shift occurred, but I suspect it’s  because I spend so much energy on my workouts that I don’t have any fuel left in the tank for giving a shit about whether my jeans make my legs look fat.

    It also helps to do this before leaving the house.

    It also helps to do this before leaving the house.

  5. I’m facing my fears. Two weeks ago, I was so afraid of box jumps that I scaled them to step-ups every time they came up in a workout. Tuesday night, I decided that enough was enough, and forced myself to just do them. I wound up doing about 50. And that’s my favorite thing about CrossFit so far: With every workout I get a little bit better at silencing the voice inside my head saying, “You can’t do this.” Most of the time this means just getting on with the workout before I have time to psych myself out.
    Box Jumps

    Thank you Jean Smith for taking this picture and not laughing at my rapidly windmilling arms.

    All that to say: I really love CrossFit, and finally feel like I’ve found my exercise niche. I actually took 1 month progress pics that I had planned to share here, but now I’m chickening out about posting photos of myself in a sports bra on the internets. It might need to wait until I have a six-pack, at which point I’ll basically stop wearing clothes and it won’t seem like such a big deal.

If you live in the Siskiyou County area and want to try CrossFit, or if you’re a CrossFitter visiting Northern California/Southern Oregon and want to drop in on a class, I highly recommend that you check out CrossFit Northern Limits. They’re the best!