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When Only A Letter Will Serve …

Stationery 2

I was OBSESSED with stationery and letter-writing as a kid. Up through about sixth grade I subscribed to a horse magazine called Young Equestrian, which included a pen pal section on the back page where you could send in a paragraph about yourself with your address so fellow subscribers could write to you. (Apparently publishing a giant list of kids’ names and addresses did not seem like a bad idea in the early 90s?) Anyway, I wrote a LOT of letters about my favorite breeds of horses and my love for Lance Bass and my adventures at church camp, letters that I sincerely hope are buried in landfills and not secretly stashed away in case I ever decide to run for public office.

Although my tendency to hoard pretty paper (and write to pen pals) has faded away, when I saw this vintage stationery for just $3 in a thrift store yesterday I had to buy it.

Stationery 1

The best part of this purchase, though, is this little advertisement for a booklet called “The Written Conversation” I found tucked inside one of the envelopes:


While I still enjoy writing and receiving letters, THANK GOD I live in a time where my biggest anxiety involving communications is figuring out whether to text my friend a picture of shirtless RDJ or shirtless Christian Bale to cheer her up after a bad day, and not whether my letter paper is appropriate for her personality and the occasion. And while it’s going to be a little more time consuming to print out and tape shirtless celebrity pictures inside these cards, I can now rest assured that it will mean so much more than a phone call.