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Meal Prep Monday: Chicken curry + coconut rice

Happy Monday! Our weather over the past week has been insane. It started out gorgeous on Tuesday and Wednesday, with over a foot of fresh powder:



And then it got ridiculously cold (like, negative degrees cold), then snowed some more, and then poured rain all weekend. The storm drains are all blocked up with snow so the roads have flooded on top of the packed snow/ice, so driving around town right now is like a real-life version of the winter level of MarioKart. I may start carrying a stash of banana peels around with me so I can throw them out the window in front of tailgaters.


Me on day one of the storm.


Me right now.

Anyway, on to this week’s Meal Prep Monday! If you’re new to meal prep, you can read about my meal prep method here.

This weather has me craving warm, rich comfort food, so for this week’s lunches I decided to prep coconut rice and chicken curry. The idea for this came from my coach, who told me she adds coconut milk to her rice to make it creamy and delicious and I was like YES I MUST TRY THIS.

To make the rice, I just replaced half the water with coconut milk and cooked it like usual. I co-hosted a baby shower on Sunday and knew I wouldn’t feel like coming home and slaving over homemade curry, so I kept it super simple and used this simmer sauce:


I try not to eat too many jarred sauces because they tend to be really high in sugar and artificial ingredients, but the ingredient list for this isn’t too terrible: Onion, Water, Tomato, Tomato Puree, Coconut Cream, Tomato Paste, Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Spices (Including Turmeric), Lemon Juice from Concentrate, Salt, Sugar, Garlic, Ginger, Gum Arabic, Xanthan Gum, and Carrageenan.

I just sauteed some onions,  mushrooms, and chicken in a little olive oil, then threw in this sauce once the chicken was cooked through and simmered it on low for 15 minutes. It tastes AMAZING with the rice – I’m super excited to eat it for lunch next week.


Since I’ll be eating the same lunch throughout the week, dinners will have a bit more variety: I plan to make Pioneer Woman’s Sausage, Potato, and Kale soup (using turkey sausage) as well as PaleOMG’s slow cooker Barbacoa (which I will likely wind up throwing over the coconut rice since I’m not actually Paleo). Both of these make enough to provide ample leftovers, so I’ll be cooking a grand total of two days this week. Which means I can spend more time huddled in front of the wood stove trying not to freeze.

What are you prepping this week?

I Need a Vacation

I’m juggling a bunch of different projects and planning several events at work right now, and I think the stress is getting to me because I had a minor panic attack in the car on the way to work yesterday over power strips. Specifically, whether I remembered to add power strips to an event purchase order. I know I *thought* about adding them, but did I actually do it? I don’t think I did … GREAT, I’M GOING TO BE FIRED AND I’LL LOSE MY CAR AND MY HOUSE AND I’LL HAVE TO LIVE UNDER THE BRIDGE LIKE A TROLL.

Friends gif

Contributing to the stress is the fact that I haven’t taken a vacation in almost a year. Partially because my new workplace puts employees through a six-month probationary period before they’re eligible to use vacation time, and partially because I’m one of those people who thinks their office CANNOT POSSIBLY function without them so they hoard their vacation time and wind up having mental breakdowns over power cords.

The good news is that I only have to wait a few more months before I finally get a vacation: A bunch of my best college friends and I are planning a summer trip to Palm Springs in August, and I cannot wait. We all lived in a house together our senior year, and we did a lot of reality TV watching/Chipotle eating/general adventuring around the LA area. It was basically the best time ever. Here is a picture of us hanging out in Santa Monica approximately one million years ago:


That mint shrug is near the top of the Terrible Decisions I Made in College list.

I moved up to Northern California the year after I graduated, and it’s been way too many years since I’ve seen them (see vacation hoarder comment above). I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself at work, to the point where I feel genuinely guilty requesting time off, even if I’ve earned it. However, I’m finding that the older I get, the more I care about doing what’s best for myself, and that includes taking time off. Basically what I am saying is God help whoever winds up sitting next to me on the flight to LA.

Ready to party gif

Please Accept This Photo of My Cat in Exchange For Actual Content


Here is a picture of my cat hogging every single pillow on the couch so I don’t get disqualified from NaBloPoMo. (Dave just told me if I fail he’s going to make me post a badge that says NaBloNoPo.) It was a busy, busy day at work but hopefully things will slow down tomorrow. It’s almost Friday! Woo!

My Face Hurts

I woke up at 4:45 this morning to the sound of the cat emptying his stomach contents on the floor next to the bed, and again in the hallway. A few minutes later when I was bent over cleaning up the cat hurk, I noticed that the entire left side of my upper jaw was achey, and that if I open my mouth it sends jabbing pains up the side of my face. My first thought, of course, was that it’s probably terminal jaw cancer, but Dave assured me it’s probably just a sinus infection since I’ve been whining about my nose being stuffed up for weeks.

I’m juggling too many projects at work to be able to take a sick day, but I did just email this warning to my coworkers:


And because the pressure in my face is overpowering my brain at the moment, here are some pictures from the highlights of my weekend. (Spoiler: It’s mostly food. Because of course it is.)


It was overcast and rainy all weekend, which is basically my most favorite weather in the world. I went for a six-mile run in the drizzle Saturday morning and then spent the rest of the weekend wrapped in blankets on the couch and enjoying the diet of a 15-year-old boy.


Case in point: On Saturday night I discovered the California Burrito (carne asada, nacho cheese, french fries, and guacamole). I think I’m officially down to one functioning artery.


And because potatoes fried in oil and covered in fake cheese wasn’t enough, we came home and made sundaes. I forgot how much I love Reddi-Whip. I keep sending Dave on “errands” in the back of the house so I can spray it directly into my mouth from the can without him seeing.


I bought a pretty new scarf.


Avocado eggs benedict. We poached just the whites in an effort to keep our hearts from shutting down completely after our weekend of gluttony.


Dave’s mom and sister let me dig through their clothes donation piles on Sunday, and I scored this super cozy black sequined circle scarf that I’m currently putting on and taking off every 30 seconds due to my fever. It’s going to be a long day.

Five Things

I didn’t take many pictures this week, mostly because it’s so damn hot out that pretty much all I did this week was go straight from my air-conditioned office to the air-conditioned gym to the air-conditioned bedroom. Where I watched crap TV and wasted time on Pinterest. Which is why you’re getting “Five Things I Pinned” today instead of “High Five for Friday.”

Because the bedroom is the only room in my house with air conditioning, I’ve been trying to find at-home workouts that don’t take a ton of space to complete. I usually stick to Jillian Michaels DVDs for my at-home workouts, but they tend to require a lot of space to move around. When I did Ripped in 30 in my living room Tuesday night I literally had sweat POURING off of my face onto the floor during the last set of plank moves. It was the first time in my life that I could actually feel my scalp sweating. Not an experience I’d like to repeat. This glute workout looks like it would be effective, and could definitely be done in the space between my bed and the dresser. Score.

Above ground pool

This may be the only above-ground pool I’ve seen that doesn’t look like it belongs in a Schlitz commercial. Also, that cat cruising along the edge is cracking me up. Whiskers would claw our eyes right out if we got him within 10 feet of a pool of water.

I love this idea for jewelry storage. (Not that my current method of “leave it on whatever surface is near me when I take it off” isn’t just as chic.) Anthropologie has a ton of little bowls that would work perfectly for something like this.

We made this cilantro lime skirt steak with chimichurri sauce for dinner Monday night, and it is so great. Tip: Make extra chimichurri sauce and put it on everything you eat for the rest of your life.

Night Stand

I’ve been trying to find well-designed yet inexpensive furniture for the new house, and this night stand from Target is lovely.

If you’d like to, you can follow me on Pinterest here.

I Swear I Didn’t Intend for This Post to be About Homicide

Yesterday was a rest day for me, so instead of doing my usual run around the local reservoir, I decided to walk the loop instead.

I should probably apologize to all my Instagram followers for getting all Ranger Rick up in your feeds last night, but I’m usually too busy focusing on not passing out and dying to notice all the cool stuff there is on this trail. It took me 45 minutes to walk two miles because I stopped every 10 seconds to take a picture.

Like, look at this bee eating his dinner!

And a duck!

And this deer, who scared the shit out of me by jumping out of the trees right as I walked by!

And this is where I tell you to stop reading if you were expecting this to be a sweet little blog post about a nature walk, because shit’s about to get weird.

Right after I took that deer picture, I walked by a man sitting on a rock a ways off the trail. He looked nice enough, but when I walked by he stared right in my eyes for a good five seconds, wiped his lips, and then said, “Hi-i” in this super creepy singsongy voice. And then he giggled.

There are two things in life I’m really afraid of: Getting stuck listening to Nickelback while riding in somebody’s car, and grown men giggling. Just thinking about it now gives me goosebumps, and not the kind I get when I see a Chris Hemsworth movie.

Speaking of movies, if my years of watching Lifetime have taught me ANYTHING it is that all creepy men want to take you to a cabin in the woods and kill you, so I picked it up to a run at that point and got the hell out of there.

About a quarter mile down the trail I passed a couple who told me I should be careful because they saw a man hiding in the bushes.


I was sitting on the couch later that night telling Dave about my brush with abduction (there was lots of eye rolling on his part), when I read on Facebook that a third body was found behind Walmart.

Oh, did I not mention that the police are investigating two homicides right now? And that they believe they are related? And that the bodies were found in wooded areas? And that they do not have any suspects in custody?

Looks like I’ll be sticking to the treadmill for a while.

Happy Fourth


Happy July 4 (if you’re in America … if not, happy Thursday!)

I have today off of work, and yesterday my boss told me to go ahead and take Friday off as well, as it’s my birthday.

(True story: When I was little, I thought the city set off fireworks to celebrate my birthday coming the next day.)

I’ll be enjoying my unexpected four-day weekend with a lot of shopping, eating, a few birthday celebrations, and serious amounts of iced coffee to keep cool. And, of course, fireworks. We usually watch the show from the front porch, which is close enough to hear the sonic booms, and far enough away that we don’t have to hear “God Bless the USA” at 5,000 decibels.

I hope you have a great holiday, however you choose to celebrate!

High Five for Friday

Nails and Ice Cream

Ice cream and bright nails (polish is Reign in Spain by Color Club).

Golden Girls shirt

Dave discovered iron-on transfers, and made me a sweet ass Golden Girls t-shirt.

Paleo Pad Thai

Last night we tried this recipe for Paleo Pad Thai, and it was SO GOOD. (No, I’m not Paleo – I like cheese too much.) We don’t have all those trendy, Paleo-friendly ingredients like coconut aminos and sunbutter, so we used soy sauce for the aminos and peanut butter for the sunbutter (I know, the cavemen would totally be judging us). We also added yellow bell peppers and mushrooms. I cannot recommend this recipe enough.


Animals at the zoo!

Sometimes sprinkles are the only way to turn around a crappy day.

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