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Thoughts I’ve Had While Watching the Olympics

– If you can do it while wearing a three piece suit, it’s not a sport (I’m looking at you, ICE DANCING).

– Speaking of ice dancing, stop trying to make “twizzle” happen. It’s not going to happen. (My friend Sarah and I made up an ice dancing drinking game: Dial 9-1-1- and proceed to take a shot every time you hear the word “twizzle.” See if you’re still alive by the time the medics show up.)

– I miss Johnny Weir. Frankly, Jason Brown is the only male skater who has really brought the fab in the costume department so far. In future events, there better be fewer black pantsuits and more Leprechaun Pirate Bullfighters:

– ET airs before primetime Olympics coverage, and I’ve suffered through the end of it several times now. Groundbreaking information I’ve learned so far:  Alec Baldwin’s 18-year-old daughter likes Instagram, one of the Backstreet Boys is getting married, and why Shakira named her new album “Shakira” (spoiler alert: IT’S BECAUSE HER NAME IS SHAKIRA). I have never wanted a DVR more than I do right now.

– Bode Miller is still hot.

I had planned to do some (drunk) live-blogging of the Olympics over the weekend, but obviously that didn’t happen so I’m shooting for this weekend instead. You better hope your pinkeye has cleared up by Saturday, Bob.

At-Home Upper Body Workout

I have this Google Doc where I plan each week’s workouts like a super organized crazy person, and I was all set to hit the gym for my scheduled upper-body strength session last night when I realized I double booked my workout with game six of the Stanley Cup Final.

First of all, I’m as surprised as you are that I like hockey.

I watched my first game with Dave a few years ago, and I went from being like, “I guess I’ll just paint my nails and pretend to watch” to “STAB HIM WITH YOUR SKATE, BITCH!” within minutes.   I’ve since changed my stance on watching sporting events from “Avoid all televised sports”** to “Avoid all televised sports that don’t encourage making the other team bleed from their heads.” Seriously, how much better would baseball be if the batter could run over and break the pitcher’s nose because he looked at him funny? Or better yet, somebody should invent a sport that allows players to attack the announcers!

Somewhere, Bob Costas is quaking under his toupee.

Anyway, I didn’t want to miss the game (I am the last person in America without a DVR) but I ALSO didn’t want to skip my scheduled workout. So I grabbed some heavy dumbbells and made up a little routine to do while watching the game. I tend to feel like a workout doesn’t count unless there’s some form of cardio involved (I think long-distance running messed with my brain), so I sprinted around the block after each set of exercises to get my heart rate up. It wasn’t much – I think it worked out to be about a mile total – but that was just fine by me since my hamstrings are still screaming from Saturday’s leg workout. Basically, strength training is kicking my ass.

I created a pin-able version of my little arm workout, in case you want to save it and use it yourself. It was surprisingly challenging for how short it was – I wanted to stab somebody with a skate after the second set of pike pushups.

At Home Arm Workout with Cardio

If you’re unfamiliar with pike pushups, here is a helpful video. They’re pretty challenging, so you could definitely sub some more regular pushups instead!

** Except the Olympics. OBVIOUSLY.