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Jillian in January Challenge Week 2, Plus Bonus Weight-Related Meltdown

It’s the second week of the Jillian in January Challenge, so I figured I’d do a quick check-in on my progress so far. I’ve done both the 30 Day Shred and Ripped in 30 series before, and I decided to mix it up for this challenge by going back and forth between the two DVDs. I also tend to get bored doing the same type of activity day after day, so I figured I’d do a couple Jillian workouts and a couple runs each week and call it good.

Last week I did three Jillian workouts, a run, and a long walk, so I was off to a decent start. But then I decided to take my measurements on Saturday and it totally unleashed a fury of inner crazy. I’ve been measured before by tailors, but I’ve never bothered to look up my measurements against U.S. size charts. I was curious, so I did some Googling and had to fight the urge to do some serious ugly crying.


Just realized his hips are a size “large” according to U.S. size charts.

Some background: Since losing weight a few years ago, I’ve definitely struggled with seeing myself at my new size. When I look in the mirror, or even at certain photos, I still see my old, heavier self. Which is maybe why taking my measurements freaked me out — I have spent years trying to convince my brain YOU ARE A SIZE 6 NOW, and it turns out that according to the standard size charts I looked at, my upper half is indeed a size 6, but my hips are a 12 and my thighs are size 8. And newly armed with that information, my brain was all SEE I TOLD YOU YOU’RE BIGGER THAN YOU SAY YOU ARE.

(Here are a few before/after photos for comparison:)

Weight Loss before and after

Left: 2006, ~165 lbs., Right: 2010, ~145 lbs.

Left: 2008 Right: 2013

Left: 2008, ~170 lbs., Right: 2013, ~138 (Whiskers, who really wanted to be in that photo on the right, weighed 16 lbs at last count. HE is the one who should be doing this damn challenge.)

So long story short, I acted like a total douche for a few hours before realizing that the rational part of my brain felt fine about my size before knowing my measurements, so I should chill the hell out and also eat that Milky Way Midnight I found in the pantry before Dave got to it. Also, those size charts must be full of shit on account of if I really do span three whole sizes from my waist to my knees, HOW WOULD CLOTHES EVEN FIT ME?

I was going to write some more but that Buster gif is mesmerizing me so I’m going to watch some Arrested Development instead. If you’re doing the Jillian in January Challenge, leave me a link in the comments so I can check out your blog!