Finally Friday

Friday highlights:

• I bought a bad-ass pair of fingerless alpaca wool gloves from a local shop:

• For dinner tonight we made bison burgers and covered them in Pioneer Woman’s onion blue cheese sauce, which is basically so good I am considering petitioning for human/cheese marriage rights:

Friday low points:

• Almost returned the alpaca gloves because I thought I had mistakenly bought two left hands. I went over to show my coworker, and she was all, “flip the other one over, bonehead,”* saving me a really embarrassing trip back to the store.

• I tried to do my hair like this picture I found on Pinterest:

It looked fine in my bathroom mirror this morning, but later when I was making tea at work I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saw things had gone downhill. I’m not even exaggerating when say it looked like something took a turd on my head, which I then wrapped in a folksy braid. Do these pinners not have layers in their hair, or am I just especially awful at bun-making?

*Not really. She somehow managed to be very tactful while pointing out that I’m an idiot.


One thought on “Finally Friday

  1. SMcMullin

    Dorothy is also petitioning for human/cheese unions. And the ability to marry sequins. I bet Colorado would do it. I kind of feel like they are a dare state now, and now that half the state is loaded it probably really would do a lot of things based on dares.


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